Get started with solar energy

There is a variety of solar products, ranging from functional and technical spotlights with a high lumen to mood setting decorative figures, suitable for most outdoor environments.

All solar products need sunlight to work and are made for outdoor use. To reach maximum charge, the product has to be exposed to as much sunlight as possible during daytime. That way it will provide a bright and lasting light during the dark hours. There are one or several batteries in a solar product. These are charged with the help of the sun.


Environmentally friendly

All the energy needed to power the energy efficient LED lighting comes naturally from the sun.


No electricity or cables needed.


The built-in light sensor turns the light on and off automatically.

High lumen yields brighter light

Some solar products are made to create a cosy atmosphere and be decorative in the garden. These have a lower lumen and are a perfect fit for a summer party or as garden decoration.

Other products have a more pronounced function and are more technically advanced. These have a higher lumen and yields a more powerful light which can light up a facade or path.

The right placement

The solar panel has to face the sun to reach full effect. 

Keep in mind that other lights, such as streetlights or other light fixtures, can't shine on the panel as the product can't tell the light from the sun and won't turn on during the night.

Upon delivery, there is often a protective film on the solar panel. Remove this to achieve full charge.

Smart functions for comfortable use

All solar products have a built-in light sensor, which makes the product light up when it starts to get dark and turns off as the sun rises. Another smart function that some solar products are equipped with are motion sensors. When the sensor detects movement, the light shines brighter for a short while to later dim or completely turn off depending on model.

Convenient and simple!

Charge & Runtime

The solar product's battery is charged by the sun. For best effect, replace the battery after each season. A simple solar product with a single LED will shine after only a couple of hours charge while a more advanced product with a higher lumen needs more hours of sun and strong direct sunlight for optimal charge. Remove the protective film covering the solar panel.

The light's runtime is dependent on the light intensity. A light with a higher lumen which shines brighter uses more energy than one with a lower lumen which has a lower light intensity.

Solar products can of course be left outside during the winter. They will still shine, but less intensely and for shorter periods of time the darker it gets.

Care for the battery and it will last longer

Get the battery off to a good start by charging it fully before you use the product. Turn it on and direct the panel towards the sun. Switch it off during the night to avoid consuming the battery's capacity. Repeat for a few days, preferably for a total of 36 hours.

Products missing an on/off button has a small protective film. When this is removed, the battery is activated. To achieve maximum charge, a few sunny days are needed but the product does not need to be switched off during the night.

Take care of your solar product

To be able to enjoy your solar product for many seasons, there are some simple tips which will extend its lifespan.

Remember to wipe off and clean the panel a few times each season. Use a throroughly wrung, soft cloth, do not use detergent, only lukewarm water. 

Regularly inspect the battery holder and remove any corrosion.

Please change the battery after each season. Only use rechargeable batteries with the correct V/mAh.

You can keep your product ourdoors all year but for optimal durability it is recommended to store the product indoors during the winter. During this time, clean it and remove the batteries.

Frequently asked questions

For how long will the product shine after one charge?

With optimal charge it will shine for approx. 5-6 hours. The runtime depends on the light intensity (lumen) and other functions.

Why does my product only shine for a short period of time?

The runtime depends on how much sunlight it has been exposed to and the condition of the battery.

Why does my product not shine?

Check that the battery has not fallen out of position. If it still doesn't shine - give it a full recharge or replace the battery.

The product is flashing and does not provide  a stable light

This is usually a result of the product not having enough charge and frequently occurs during the winter. Switch the product off until the sun shines brighter again.