Safe products with high quality

You should feel safe with a product from Star Trading. 
Whether it is electrical safety or other product requirements, you can be sure that we do everything to ensure that our products are safe and comply with applicable laws and regulations.
We strive to ensure that our products are of the best possible quality, which includes not only the durability and function of the products but also that all necessary documentation is available, that the labelling is correct and that there are clear user instructions.
We also work in close co-operation with our suppliers to build up quality systems and ensure that production takes place under controlled conditions.
In addition to various checks such as functional checks and visual inspections that are carried out on each item during production, careful spot checks are also carried out before the items are shipped from the factory. When the goods arrive at our central warehouse, further random checks and tests are carried out. 
All to ensure that the product meets our requirements.


The environment

We comply with current laws and directives in the environmental field and work actively with these issues in industry associations.

We take our producer responsibility by being affiliated with El-kretsen and FTI. We also work continuously to reduce the use of plastic in our packaging and, with a certificate from the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council), we help with sustainable forestry.

Of course, one of our main environmental responsibilities is to constantly develop products that maximise energy efficiency.



Social responsibility

Most of our production today takes place in independent factories in Asia. Star Trading places high demands on good working conditions in these factories. We ensure this through a long-standing collaboration with amfori BSCI, which with regular factory inspections helps us to maintain and constantly improve working conditions at the factories.
The amfori BSCI ensures the following:
- Worker empowerment and protection
- Right to freedom of association and collective bargaining
- No incidence of discrimination, violence and harassment
- Fair wages
- Decent working hours
- Occupational health and safety
- No incidence of child labour
- Special protection for young workers
- No incidence of precarious employment conditions
- No incidence of debt bondage, forced labour or human trafficking
- Environmental protection
- Ethical business behaviour

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