It all started with a star

As our name suggests, the starting point for Star Trading was actually a star. A classic metal star that was designed, manufactured, and sold through retailers. Today, our range has been broadened and we have made a journey from being a "Christmas company" to providing a range of over 4,000 products. In addition to Christmas, which includes candlessticks, stars, artificial trees, wreaths, and decorations, we also offer Living, ie solar-powered products, light chains, dew drops and other outdoor and indoor decorations. The third product area is Lighting, which includes basic LED bulbs and decorative light sources as well as spotlights, functional lamps, cord sets, lap bases etc. The classic Christmas star was a great start, it means a lot for us and it is close to our hearts. Of course, it still has a given place in our range.

Let there be light!

Ever since Christer and Ellinor Johansson started Star Trading back in the days in 1985, our products have lit up and created a cosy atmosphere in many homes, both in Sweden and in the rest of Europe. We have grown strongly and today we are about 70 employees in our premises in Svenljunga generating a turnover of more than 40 million EUR. Most of the production today takes place in independent factories in Asia, but the first product, the metal star, is still manufactured in Sweden. The products are sold all over the world with Europe and there the Nordic region as the largest market. Today, we are one of the market leaders in lighting within Europe. Sales are made through retailers and we do not sell directly to end-consumers.

Fast deliveries is our guiding star

The idea we had from the very beginning, and which is still our guiding star, is to maintain a first-class service to our customers by offering a wide, attractive range of quality lighting and always having goods in stock to be able to quickly deliver what they want, just when they want it - even in the middle of a season!