My candlestick doesn’t work/don’t ignite:

  • • Try and gently bend the contact plate in the lamp holder sligtly upwards. NOTE! Don’t forget to unplug the powercable before doing this.
  • Check every lamp so they are correctly tightened or not broken.
  • Change the lamps, and if they are broken exchange them with lamps that fits your candlestick.


Can i put LED lights in a candlestick designed for ordinary lightbulbs?

  • Yes – we have a universal LED, named 300-95 that fits candlesticks with 4-25 lightsources (lamps).
  • • NOTE! You can’t mix LED-lamps and ordinary lamps in the same candlestick. 


Can i put ordinary lamps in an LED candlestick?

  • No


Solar cell products


My product doesn’t glow /or glows very weakly, what can i do?

  • It may be so that the batteries have been depleted in its package before you are going to use them. If so, they have to be recharged before you use the product. To make sure that the batteries have such a good start as possible, let them recharge for ca 36h before you use the product.
  • How to:
    • Turn on the ON button, put the product outside in the sun.
    • In the evening or during the night, put it on "OFF".
    •  When the product have got 36h of sun you can leave the ON-button in ON mode (it will start glowing when it gets dark).
  • Solar cell products need sun to function optimally
    • If the products are used on the north side of your house or if they are put in the shade for the most part of the day they will not shine/glow in its full capacity in length when it gets darker. Instead place it on the southside of your house or in the middle of your garden where it get sun all day long.
    • o Solar cell products functions optimally during the period of April - September.
    • During the autumn and its shorter days, the solar cell products have less time to recharge. They will then have a shorter span of time to shine or light up your garden.
    • When spring arrives and the days become longer, the batteries will recharge better and the solcar cell products will be able to be used in full capacity.
  • Try to change the batteries. We recommend that you change batteries whenever there is a new season. If you are unsure of which battery to change to, check the backside on the package of the product you bought or on our website and search for the product.
  • Check the solar cell panel so that is not dirty, clean it a couple of times during the season with a damp cloth. (NOTE! Only use water to clean the solar cell panel).
  • If you buy rechargeable batteries to our products, it is important that the batteries you use have the voltage (V) and the capacity (mAh) that we have specified for the respective product.
  • The battery voltage (Volt) is the most important value you need to have under control in order for the product to work withthan what the product specify, the product can break or even be dangerous. If you put in a battery with lower voltage, there is a risk that the product don’t work as good as it should. (In most cases it will work out fine to replace a 1,5 V battery with a 1,2 v.)
  • Sätter man istället i ett batteri med en lägre spänning, finns risken att produkten inte fungerar riktigt som den ska. (I de flesta fall går det dock utmärkt att till exempel ersätta ett 1,5V batteri med ett 1,2V.)
  • Our solcar cell products and rechargeable batteries are produced with the correct battery capacity to work properly concerning charging/discharge.


Light chains


I have a light chain with an integrated light source. Can i change the lightsource?

  • You can see if the light chain have a replaceable lightsource on the products package or under the products page on our website.


Does the lightchain completely stop working if a lightbulb breaks?

  • If the lightchain have a LED lightsource, the damaged LED lamp will stop working but the rest of the LED lamps will work. If you have a regular light bulb, every bulbs goes out.


Christmas Trees


My christmas tree does not look like the picture when i have unboxed it. Why?

  • When you unbox your christmas tree from the carton, there is still much work to be done to get it in the state as in the picture. We advise you to do the following:
    • Take out all the parts from the package, put them in order on the floor, the top, the midsection, the fot, transformer/cables (if it is a christmas tree with a lightchain attached).
    • Assemble the fot first, preferably on a table.
    • Insert the lower part of the fot, attach all the screws firmly to the stem. Do this little by little so that the tree stands straight.
    • o Start to ”spice up” the lower part of the branches (If there is a tree with hinged/ umbrella tree construction use a lacing to tie up the branches that don’t need to be “spiced up”). How to ”spice up”: Start with the part close to the stem and take every branch for themselves, pull out the branches so that they are straight and are aligned in a upwards, forward fashion. Be extra careful on the outer parts of every branch, those are the ones that are showing and need more attention.
    • When the lower branches are done, you can place the tree on the floor to assemble and “spice up” the rest of the parts.
    • Continue with the other branches, one row at the time.


       Link to our assembly guide for Christmas trees


I have bought a tree with lighting. Can I change lamps in the lightchain that are attached to the tree if a lightbulb is broken?

  • No, that can’t be done but LED has a very long lifetime so the lightchain will hopefully last for many year.




I can’t dim my lightsource even though that it says it is dimmable.

  • To dim a LED lamp, your Dimmer needs to fulfill a certain type of demands comparing to dim with a traditional lightbulb. To make it as easy as possible for you to find the correct combination of LED lamp and dimmer, we have conducted rigorous tests of the most common dimmers on the market. Our list on dimmers and LED lamps that works for us are constantly updated so take a look at our website below to get the most recent information. Take a look at our FAQ LED for more information.


Sensor lamps


Vhy does my sensor lamp glow all the time?

  • The sensor lamp needs daylight in order to work. Make sure that the lamps sensor are not blocked by the fixture. The sensorllamp does not normally get affected by other surrounding LED lightsources or strip light, but a lit light bulb close by can get the sensor lamp to go out. 




If my product is for outdoors use, can i use it indoors aswell?

  • Yes, all our outdoors products can be used indoors, except from solar cell products. 


The product is using batteries, but my batteries don't fit the battery holder.

  • Different manufacturers and batteries quality can make certain batteries differ in size. We test our products with Panasonic batteries. 


I am using rechargeable batteries in my products, but they don't last as long as regular batteries? Why?

  • A rechargeable battery have normally not as much capacity as a regular battery, that is why they discharge faster.