Technical development at the forefront

We are constantly striving to be at the forefront when it comes to technical development of lighting. Old technology is refined and new is added. By cmbining knowledge of their own with knowledge of our suppliers, Star Trading's department of Technology & Quality are able to provide top quality and the latest innovations when it comes to Christmas and decorative lighting. As an example, several high-quality connectable light chain systems is a result of this.

Customised products

There are times when you want to be able to offer something extra to your customers, something that not everyone else has. We are here to help you out! We offer both customised packaging and exclusive products. Whether you have your own product idea or if we come up with suggestions, we take care of the development in all steps - from idea to prototype to finished product, packed and ready for delivery. Contact us and we will create something good together!

Design & Collaborations

The pace of product development in the lighting industry is high. We collect impressions and inspiration from different sources, in purpose to both follow and set trends in interior design and lighting. Most of the products we offer we develop internally. However, collaborations with external designers is important for us to be able to offer a really wide and unique range of products.

Charlotte Falck

Award-winning designer Charlotte Falck has a Master’s Degree in Interior Architecture from HDK, School of Design and Craft in Sweden, and is presently head of Charlotte Falck Design in Hong Kong. Her résumé includes design projects for IKEA, Europa Möbler, Debenhams and John Lewis. Star Trading works together with Charlotte since many years and several of the products in our assortment are results of the successful collaboration.