The award winning designer Charlotte Falck have been collaborating with Star Trading since 2007. A collaboration that has led to many interesting and creative products. Something that we on Star Trading are very proud of.

Charlotte are originally from a town called Alingsås and she has since an early age wanted to be a designer.  Today Charlotte has an masters degree in interior architecture and design from the renowned school HDK Valand – Academy of art and design in Gothenburg and runs her own firm Charlotte Falck Design in Hong Kong.  She has worked with companys such as IKEA, Europa Möbler, Debenhams and John Lewis.

Before the collaboration with Star Trading started, Charlotte worked as Head of design for a ceramics company in Hong Kong, and also as freelance designer during a couple of years. A fantastic and very educational period, according to herself. It was also in Hong Kong that she met her husband and started a family.

It was during her stay in Hong Kong that she through recommendations ran into Christer Johansson, and there and then the seed to a long cooperation was planted. Charlottes products got great exposure and success from start, especially at different fair. Christer often highlighted her products and was very keen on showing them visitors.

If you ask Charlotte what her greatest inspiration is concerning design, she mentions design fairs such as Formex and Christmas World. Its great and creative to see how other designers and companies relates and thinks about their product design. To get a to see what is trending in the design world is something that creates creativity.

Charlottes own design process often starts with sketching with pen on paper, often as  a simple design to get all thoughts and ideas on paper. Star Tradings team is also responsible for a big part of the design process. Together with them the creative work and ideas are being tested and back and forth to get a good product out of it.

Since the start of the collaboration with Star Trading Charlotte have been able to create a number of products. Some of the products have won awards and prizes. Birdy is a product that won the design award, Decoration Star at the Christmas World fair in 2014. Created with elegant and stylistic features.

Except from Birdy, there is a lot of other products that are close to Charlotte. The Candlesticks Arrow and House are creations that follows the same elegance and stylish features as Birdy. The candlesticks Arrow and House are two creations that has the same stylistic and elegant design as Birdy, products that are on Charlottes top 5 list of favourite creations. House and Arrow are two series of products that are on Charlottes own top 5 list. Another favourite product is the candlestick Rosetta with its almost gothic features that creates harmony and balance. Rosetta breaks away from the other products with its rose bushes with leaves. In conclusion Charlotte meantions Elias as a favourite. It has a smooth and flexible design that works in every home with its focus on details and material.

Trassel is a decorative silver colored or black ball, a decoration for both in and outdoor use. Inside there is a LED lightchain that emits a warmwhite glow. Trassel is a decoration that gives your home a classy impression and creates a cosy and pleasant light where ever you want to place it. 

You can get Trassel in four different sizes, which makes it perfect for your hom and easy to place in your different roomes in your home. Either outside och inside.  


You can get the wooden candlestick Arrow in two versions, one tall and one a bit shorter. Both versions are available in three different colors: White, graphite grey and beige. Arrow has a modern style with bevel shapes, this creates a cozy christmas feeling.  



A beutiful wooden candlestick with fine decorations in brass. Birdy consists of five white candles and a nice bird that attracts your attention, hence the name Birdy. Place the candlestick in a window to create a lovely atmosphere in your home.  


Here you can download a press release that was released when Birdy won the Decoration Star in 2014 at Christmasworld in Frankfurt. 



Click here to get to Birdys productpage!  


The Candlestick Elias is available in two versions, one version with solid colors and another version with painted details that is called Elias tradition. Our solid color version of Elias you can get in five different colors, light grey, white, Brown, Red and Graphite grey. Elias Tradition you can get in white and red.  

Elias creates a warm and cozy feeling in your home, where ever you want to place this beutiful candlestick. 



Pagod is a series of candlesticks made out of wood. Its shape is inspired by christmas trees which makes it unique. There is four different versions of Pagod, two version that consists of 5 candles and two versions with 7 candles. Both of these versions you can get in the colors, grey, white, beige and graphite. The candlestick Pagod, lights up your home or office in a cozy and moodful way. 

Pagods shape is unique and therefore it has a registered pattern protection, EU Design reg. 0081082299.



Grafico is a silhouette with a stylish graphic design with a black metalframe, approved for outdoors use.   

The silhouettes creates a beutiful warmwhite glow with it's many lightsources, and gives a lovely atmosphere for both indoor and outdoor.   


Rosetta Candlestick

Rosetta is one of Charlottes top five products and a favourite amongst our customers. It is now sold out and the series have now expired from our assortment. Rosetta is a beutiful candlestick that we had in gold, black and white whith leaf and roses in metal, which created a shimmer of life in the candlestick. Decorative and elegant but also functional and practical. 



Current products designed by Charlotte Falck