We provide a 3 year of warranty on LED light sources


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Star Trading provides a 3-year warranty/guarantee for selected LED lamps. This only applies to lamps whose packaging contains either of above symbols. The warranty period is applied from the transaction date as evident on the purchase receipt. If a LED lamp becomes defective during the warranty period due to defects in the material or workmanship the buyer is entitled to an equivalent replacement product or a refund (depending on what the place of purchase chooses) upon presenting the defective product together with proof of purchase at the place of purchase. Only the cost of the purchased product is refunded.


Star Trading reserves the right to make final decision with regards to all warranty claims as well as to analyse any defective products. Therefore, you must always return the defective lamp to the place of purchase. In case the items is shipped, you must pay for shipping. Always contact the place of purchase before returning any products.


Claims under this warranty shall always be made at the place of purchase and always with a valid receipt. Only if the place of purchase is no longer available may Star Trading be contacted directly. This warranty only applies within Europe.


This warranty applies to manufacturing defects only if the following conditions are met:

  • The lamp has been installed and used under normal conditions in accordance with the installation and/or maintenance instructions and product information supplied with the product in question.
  • Dimmer compatible products shall only be used with the dimmers recommended by Star Trading for the specific model of lamp.
  • If non IP-rated lamps are used in damp or moist environments they must be used in an enclosed and protective fixture to ensure that the lamp is not subjected to moisture. IP-rated lamps which are used in damp or moist environments must be used in fixtures with suitable gaskets which cover the base of the lamp and protects the cap.
  • The product must be used in the interval for ambient temperature specified for the specific lamp. This is normally between -20°C and +40°C. If no specific information is specified for the product then 25°C±10% applies as the default ambient temperature.
  • The number of switching cycles (on/off) shall not have exceeded 15 000.
  • The voltage fed to the product shall not have deviated by more than ±10% from the rated voltage of the product.
  • Air humidity shall not have exceeded 80%.
  • The lamp shall not have been covered by any material (except for IP-rated lamps which shall be partially covered by gaskets on IP-rated fixtures).
  • The product has not been altered, modified or repaired in any way. This includes if the markings on the product has been rendered unreadable.


This warranty does not apply if:

  • The product has been used together with control devices (e.g. twilight switches, dimmers, electronical relays, control systems) other than those recommended by Star Trading.
  • The product has been damaged in handling or transport, by sabotage, animals, water, accident such as fire, extreme weather conditions, lightning strikes or similar events.
  • Mains voltage deviates by more than ±10% from 220-240V including if this is due to lightning strikes.


This warranty does not affect any rights granted to consumers by applicable law. As a consumer, you are entitled by law to remedies from the seller free of charge in the event of a lack of conformity of the goods.


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