Battery powered candles are a growing trend and many realized their advantages compared to normal candles.

  • Battery powered candles give off the same pleasant glow as normal wax candles without the fire hazard.
  • Artificial candles are easier to place as no consideration has to be taken to things surrounding it.
  • A LED candle lasts longer than a normal candle which burns quickly.
  • A battery powered candle can be lit and put out automatically with a built-in timer.
  • Today, there are LED candles of such high quality that they are difficult to distinguish from normal candles.
  • With artificial candles, you always have fresh, new candles and don’t have to deal with dripping wax.

Flamme Marble – Trendy and elegant!

Flamme Marble is a new addition to the incredibly popular Flamme-candle series. Marble are candles with a marbled surface which resembles concrete. The battery powered candles comes as pillar candles, votive candles, or tealights and burn with a realistic flame with warm white glow. All candles in this collection have a timer function. Marble works well as a centerpiece for the table or as decoration.


Flamme Swirl – a new addition with a twist!

FLAMME SWIRL is a trendy new collecton of battery powered candles in a gorgeous, twisted design. Twisted candles are very fashionable and are often used as a decorative piece! Flamme Swirls comes as votive, pillar, and dinner candles in three lovely colours – white, beige, and grey. The realistic flame of the popular Flamme collection yields a warm white glow. All candles in Swirl have a built-in timer.

Flamme for outdoor use!

Flamme for outdoor use comes as pillar candles in different sizes and as lanterns. Perfect to decorate and illuminate the patio, balcony, or conservatory. With the realistic flame and material intended for use outdoors, you will always have fresh candles without having to deal with dripping wax or burnt-out candles. The candles are battery powered and have a built-in timer for your convenience.

Flamme Rustic – candles with a rough surface!

FLAMME RUSTIC is a new version of the immensely popular battery powered Flamme candles. Flamme Rustic has, as the name suggests, a rougher surface with a slight shimmer. The pillar candles come in the colours silver, gold, black, and white in each of three sizes – 10, 12.5, and 15 cm. The flame is the realistic Flamme classic which makes the candles resemble normal wax candles. The candles are battery powered and have a built-in timer for your convenience.




Flamme Basic – classic LED lights

Flamme are the candles you’ll always need. With their classic design, they look just like real candles. Flamme comes as dinner candles, pillar candles, votive candles, and Christmas lights. Atmospheric candles that are also safe, without the fire hazard. The realistic Flamme flame 
yields the same feel as real candles.