Design & development

Technological development


By combining the knowledge of our technology department with the knowledge of our suppliers, Star Trading is able to continuously stay at the forefront of technological development in the field of Christmas lights.

Several ranges of high quality connectable light systems are one result of this technological development. Star Trading also offers a broad assortment of products using LED lights, including the warm white LED which mimics the light from incandescent bulbs. Our technological development also aims at maintaining and improving the high quality which is the hallmark of Star Trading.

Trend and design

Christmas lights not only illuminate, but also serve as decoration. Lately, the boundaries between Christmas decoration and interior design have been blurred to the point where some Christmas lights are just as innovatory as any other part of a modern day home.trassel_liten.jpg

After more than 30 years in the Christmas business, we are no longer surprised that the pace of product development in a business bound by tradition must be as high as in any fashion industry. Star Trading uses both in-house and external designers and has produced award winning designs. In 2007, we launched a successful cooperation with designer Charlotte Falck which has resulted in many exiting new items being produced each year since then. We also use input from a variety of sources to both follow and set the latest trends in interior decoration and lighting. With our experience, we sort out the trends most applicable to Christmas times and base parts of our assortment on them. Each year, we present a selection of themes for the coming Christmas. Our goal is to each year offer our customer the latest and best in design, quality and packaging.