Universal E10 LED Bulb

For Christmas 2009 Star Trading AB introduced an E10 LED-bulb for all candlesticks and all Christmas tree light chains, including older versions. The bulb reduces energy consumption by 97% and lasts 10 times longer than traditional bulbs. Furthermore, the same bulb can be used in all light fixtures instead of having several different kinds, and there is no need to change your candlestick.

Already in December of 2008 several municipalities in Sweden bought an earlier version of the bulb. The county of Svenljunga changed bulbs in their 1 000 candlesticks thereby reducing their power consumption by roughly 20 000 kWh or about 2 000 euros.

Less energy

A traditional E10 light bulb common to most candlesticks and Christmas tree light chains produces about 3W. This new bulb only produces 0.1W, i.e. 97% less, better for both the environment and your wallet.

Longer life

LED also lasts much longer, about 10 000 hours compared to the 1 000 hours of an incandescent E10 bulb. This means that you will have used up 10 conventional bulbs in the same time as one LED-bulb without the latter costing 10 times as much. This longer lifespan also implies 90% less electronic waste and unlike some other low energy light bulbs LED-bulbs do not contain mercury or other harmful substances.

Fits all

With traditional light bulbs you have to use the right bulb for the right fixture. The bulb used in your five-branched candlestick can not be used in your seven-branched since the voltage fed to each bulb is lower. The universal LED bulb can handle a voltage interval between 10 and 55V without the brightness or the life length being affected. The same bulb can therefore be used in all serially connected products from five-branched candlesticks up to 25-light Christmas tree light chains as well as in 12V and 24V products with parallel connection, i.e. almost every product that uses E10 bulbs.

83% lower costs

Owing to the longer lifespan and the lower energy consumption the slightly higher price is more than compensated. A life cycle analysis where initial cost, power consumption and life length are all taken into consideration reveals that total costs are reduced by 83% by using this new bulb.

The universal LED bulb is also available with clear glass and warm white LED which mimics the glow from incandescent bulbs. Without buying a new light fixture you can now upgrade your old candlestick by simply replacing the bulbs, thereby making an effort for the environment while at the same time saving money. For the first time there is now a universal low energy light bulb with E10 socket and it is unique on the market.