Connectable system lights with endless possibilities

We offer the broadest assortment of connectable system lights on the market. Since all products within a system are interconnectable it is easy to add products once you have started. When you choose a system from us you are guaranteed high quality since all products are tested and approved by Inter Semko within their respective system, not just as individual products. This also applies to the low voltage systems.

Our concept of quality also includes instructive consumer information. That is why the limitations of the system are clearly printed on the outside of each gift box and an explanatory brochure is included inside.


We offer four different systems, one for each need and target group

System Decor

System Decor is our basic system, easy to use and suitable also indoors. The slim cables are easy to conceal and the brightness can be adjusted using the dimmer.

System 24

System 24 is our broadest system for the home-owner who wants to do more. The stem cable allows for greater flexibility when connecting your system. The high quality rubber cables together with the combination of low voltage and LED technology ensures a safe, long lasting and extremely energy efficient system.

System LED

System LED is our premium system for larger, durable decorations. The life length is as much as 50 000 hours and it gives a very bright light, ideal for professionals and the more demanding consumer.

System Expo

System Expo targets the broadest customer group with a high quality, easy to use system. The original System Expo is today one of the best known and most widespread systems on the market with a wide range of products for most types of decorations.