FLAMME SWIRL - a new Flamme addition with a twist!

Presenting a trendy new addition to the popular Flamme collection. Flamme Swirl is a battery powere candle in twisted wax offered as pillar-, votive, or dinner candles in an array of lovely colours. Naturally, all have the realistic Flamme flame which has made the collection a favourite of many. We dare promise this will be a bestseller!

Realistic and trendy candles

Flamme Swirl has a stylish, twisted waxed surface which gives the candles an exclusive feel. The Flamme flame yields a warm white, cosy glow and is very realistic and lifelike which makes it somewhat difficult to see that Swirl is an artificial candle at first glance. The design makes Swirl a perfect fit both at home and in public spaces all year round. The candles are battery powered and offered in white, beige, and grey as dinner-, votive, and pillar candles in multiple sizes. The built-in timer makes them easy to use – 6 hours on and 18 hours off. The average life expectancy is around 10 000 hours. The candles are intended for indoor use.



Flamme Swirl votive candles 2-pack

The votive candles are 7,5 cm tall and come in white, beige, and grey.



Flamme Swirl pillar candles

The pillar candles are 15 cm tall and come in white, beige, and grey.



Flamme Swirl dinner candles

The dinner candles are 25 cm tall and come in white, beige, and grey.