With smart lights, you can easily control your lighting wherever you are. Turn them on, off, change colour, or dim – pre-set or control through the press of a button on your smartphone. Wake up to a soft light, have the perfect light for working during the day, and a cosy light for the evening, maybe even in a different colour. Everything is programmed and controlled in the Smart Life app or voice-controlled via Google Home or Alexa. Smart Light tailors your lighting and makes life simpler.

With Smart Light, you can easily change the intensity and temperature of the light source to make it perfect for every occasion. One light source – infinite combinations. And everything is programmed, app-controlled, or voice-activated.
Simply smart!

Smart Light Colour

Smart Light Colour is just as smart as our other smart lights, but as an addition lets you choose the colour of your light. With simple adjustments in the app, you can create the perfect atmosphere for any occasion with this light.

Are there smart lights for both in- and outdoor use?

The light source itself does not have an IP-classification. The armature itself always dictates if the light can be used outdoors or not.

Is a hub required to use Star Trading’s smart lights?

No hub required. All you need is a light, the app, and a Wi-Fi set to 2,4 GHz.

Can two smartphones control the same light?

Yes, that works just great!

Does the light itself have to always be on for the smart lights to work?

Exactly! Turn the light on with the light switch. After that, you can control everything in the app.