What is LED?

When it comes to lighting these days you hear more and more about LED (Light Emitting Diod), and this is in a way a new generation of light source.

A diod is a semi conductor which leads current in one direction but not the other. This feature has since long been used in electrical components, but eventually it was discovered that some materials used also emit light. The light emitting diod (LED) was born.

Why choose LED?

LED or Light Emitting Diode is the new generation of light source and the future of lighting. Unlike incandescent light bulbs, LEDs do not have a filament which heats up but instead emit light directly as the current flows through them.

With the implementation of the EU EcoDesign directive the incandescent light bulb will be gradually phased out. It is already clear that alternatives such as halogen savers or compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) are only middle stages in the evolution. Neither has all the qualities of the LED technology.

LED represents the most energy efficient way of producing light with energy savings in comparison to incandescent light bulbs typically amounting to 90% or more. The life length surpasses even CFLs. This not only implies less maintenance but also less electronic waste and unlike CFLs LEDs do not contain any mercury or other harmful substances. LED is also less sensitive to external force and vibrations which further contributes to its longevity. Since almost all input energy is emitted in the form of light, barely any heat is produced. LED light sources can therefore be used in many places where heat might be harmful, such as illuminating precious works of art or food. LED can also be made to emit coloured light directly without using coloured caps.

In Star Trading’s assortment there are a large number of products using LED in all categories, including several with warm white LED.

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