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Welcome to another year with Star Trading, a year which in many ways is characterized by news.

We know how important logistics are in the Christmas business. To be able to provide you, our customer with first class service, we now have facilities that covers 28 000 square meters office, warehouse and showroom.

We would also like to signal that Star Trading is no longer “just a Christmas company”, even if Christmas still is our favorite season. With this year’s collection we focus more on party light chains and solar energy items for spring and summer. We also have widened our assortment of LED light sources and LED Candles- products used all year round. With a total of more than 500 new items in the catalogue, you can still be sure to find many new exiting items also in the Christmas sections. Don’t miss our brand new collection of Christmas trees both prelit and without lights.

Still, presenting news is not really anything new to us at Star Trading. Even if a lot has changed our basic philosophy remains the same. We offer a wide assortment of quality products at affordable prices and deliver the goods when the customer wants them.

Star Trading is a family owned business founded in 1985 by Ellinore and Christer Johansson, who had previous experience from the lighting industry. The company has grown much since then and turnover during the last year was about 28 million euro. We are today about 55 employees.

Star Trading designs, develops and sells electrical Christmas and Decorative lighting for consumer use. Today, most of the production takes place at independent factories in Asia, but our very first product, the hanging metal stars, are still produced in Sweden. The products are sold all over the world with Europe and primarily Scandinavia as the largest market. We are today one of the market leaders in Europe in our industry with a large international network of partners. We sell through retailers and not directly to consumers.

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